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These earrings were inspired by the fossilised impressions of Dickinsonia discovered in the Ediacara Conservation Park in the Flinders Ranges.

Dickinsonia was a flat, segmented worm-like animal that left footprint traces across the  seafloor 567–550 Mya. 

The round, bilaterally symmetrical, ribbed shape of these earrings perfectly captures the beauty of Australia's prehistoric natural world.

Meet the maker.

Half a Billion Ediacaran fossil jewellery is the creation of Dr Felicity Coutts. Through her studies of Ediacaran fossils with the University of Adelaide and the South Australian Museum she was inspired to create jewellery cast from the original fossilised impressions of the Ediacaran fossils.

By locally making jewellery from the exact replicas of Ediacaran fossils we aim to increase the awareness of the awesome ancient fossil heritage here in South Australia and inspire the study of these early marine pioneers.

Each silver piece captures the unique texture of the sand grains that preserved the impressions of these unique and inspiring ancient creatures, half a billion years ago.

10% of all profits go towards Ediacaran research at the South Australian Museum

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