Dinosaurs Without Bones: Dinosaur Lives Revealed by their Trace Fossils

Title: Dinosaurs Without Bones: Dinosaur Lives Revealed by their Trace Fossils

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What if we woke up one morning all of the dinosaur bones in the world were gone? How would we know these iconic animals had a 165-million year history on earth, and had adapted to all land-based environments from pole to pole? What clues would be left to discern not only their presence, but also to learn about their sex lives, raising of young, social lives, combat, and who ate who? What would it take for us to know how fast dinosaurs moved, whether they lived underground, climbed trees, or went for a swim?

Welcome to the world of ichnology, the study of traces and trace fossils – such as tracks, trails, burrows, nests, toothmarks, and other vestiges of behavior – and how through these remarkable clues, we can explore and intuit the rich and complicated lives of dinosaurs.

With a unique, detective-like approach, interpreting the forensic clues of these long-extinct animals that leave a much richer legacy than bones, Martin brings the wild world of the Mesozoic to life for the 21st century reader. By Anthony Martin. Paperback/ 368 pages.


  • Sleuthing dinosaurs.
  • These feet were made for walking, running, sitting, swimming, herding, and hunting.
  • The mystery of Lark Quarry.
  • Dinosaur nests and bringing up babies.
  • Dinosaurs down underground.
  • Broken bones, toothmarks, and marks on teeth.
  • Why would a dinosaur eat a rock?
  • The remains of the day : dinosaur vomit, stomach contents, feces, and other gut feelings.
  • The great Cretaceous walk.
  • Tracking the dinosaurs among us.
  • Dinosaurian landscapes and evolutionary traces.

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