Monsters in the Outback DVD

Title: Monsters in the Outback DVD

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Many millions of years ago, before our ancestors walked the earth, there were dinosaurs. This documentary takes us to prehistoric outback Australia, a place where dinosaurs once roamed in vast numbers. By combining live action and 3D animation, Monsters in the Outback features the landscape of Outback Queensland, fossil detectives and compelling reconstructions to tell the story of these grand creatures.

In Monsters in the Outback we travel from the present to prehistoric Winton to meet the dinosaurs that walked these lands. We hear from the experts involved with the Museum and the digs in and around the rich Winton fossil landscape. We see the extraordinary fossilised footprints that records the world's only known evidence of a dinosaur stampede and to the death struggle that left two dinosaurs entangled for eternity. This DVD is an extended version of the presentation viewed within the guided tour of the Collection Room at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum. Approx 43 minutes.

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