Window to a lost world


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Window to a lost world

Before us was the most beautiful, the most stunningly intricate display of fossil plants I had ever seen: the vivid imprint of a conifer branch with a spray of leaves, a perfect cone of Austrosequoia wintonensis, our very own extinct conifer, the splayed leaf of a ginkgo, and best of all, the striking image of a new cone.

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I had just settled down to smoko when the radio call came through. “We’ve just struck a band of plant material, are you interested?” Living in the heart of western Queensland’s dinosaur country certainly has its advantages if you happen to be a fossil enthusiast like myself. However on this sweltering January morning, I couldn’t help but think of a song I heard once. Something like “mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun”. It was only 10:30am, and already the mercury was nudging 40 degrees. One didn’t have to be Einstein to work out which way it was going!

AAOD Journal Issue 1 (2003) – pages 22 to 29 
By David and Judy Elliott

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