West of the fence


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West of the fence

In 1970 a young boy discovered the remains of a large plant-eating dinosaur while droving sheep with his father. Two years later he led a famous palaeontologist to the site of his discovery. The bones were collected and the site recorded. But 40 years on... where was it?

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Dr Mary Wade died seven years ago but her exploits live on. She was a dear friend of my wife Judy and me and like most of her colleagues, we have a few ‘Mary’ stories to share with those who were close to her. Mary’s eccentricities were legendary, and tales of her driving mishaps and eventful field trips boundless. She was one of those people who, when told she couldn’t do something, went out and did it just to show that she could. She hated red tape and authority but loved young people and would do everything she could to encourage them. Intelligent, dedicated, impulsive and obstinate – she was everything one could hope for in a professional colleague and we admired her greatly for it. She had only one flaw. When she died, her record book went with her.

AAOD Journal Issue 10 (2012) – pages 66 to 81 
By David Elliott

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