To find a fallen star!


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To find a fallen star!

On the trail of a meteorite!

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It was the last muster of the 2006 lamb marking season and the sheep were well on the move by the time I crested the ridge. Something had obviously startled them and my first thought as I looked into the distance at the shimmering backs of the departing mob was that I had better get moving and block them up. They were heading for the bore but before I could move, the fast moving silhouette of a 4 wheeler came into focus as my wife Judy materialised through the blur of rising dust to swing them back. I watched her for a moment and, content that the job was in capable hands, turned the bike and headed across to a nearby fenceline for the relative comfort of the road that snaked beside it.

AAOD Journal Issue 5 (2007) – pages 56 to 61
By David Elliott

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