Modern Australian dinosaurs: stickers


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Step into a world where Australia's prehistoric animals embrace the wonders of the modern era with our captivating collection of stickers!

Join Matilda and Oliver, the Diamantinasaurus duo, as they conquer a thrilling video challenge, showcasing their tech-savviness and bringing prehistoric excitement to the digital realm. 

The Confractosuchus sticker, featuring Chookie the master of non-contact chicken delivery, zooming through the streets on a scooter. 

Indulge in a healthy lifestyle with our Kunbarrasaurus sticker, featuring Buster savoring a fresh kale smoothie. 

The Ferrodraco sticker, showcasing Butch as he settles in for a TV marathon. 

The Australovenator sticker stars Banjo, who purchases a set of grillz at 2am. Let this sticker showcase your unique style and make a statement wherever you go.

Embrace the spirit of self-expression with our Muttaburrasaurus stickers featuring Molly taking a fabulous selfie. These stickers celebrate individuality and the joy of capturing special moments in the modern age.

Decorate your belongings with our enchanting collection of prehistoric animal stickers and reimagine the modern world through the eyes of these fascinating creatures. Each sticker brings a touch of whimsy, adventure, and personality, making them the perfect companions for your everyday journey.


    • 22.7 x 10cm
    • Designed by Inge Daniels
    • Made in Australia

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