The Ghosts of Lark Quarry


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The Ghosts of Lark Quarry

On a hot October night in 2002, the red earth of Lark Quarry shook as if it had been struck by an earthquake. Word quickly swept through the Winton district that history had repeated itself. The dinosaurs that had put the world-famous trackways on the map had risen from their graves and stampeded all over again.

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Dinosaur footprints were the last thing on Glen Seymour’s mind back in the early 60s, when, as manager of Cork Station, he stumbled upon weird tracks between two hills (later known as Lark Quarry and Seymour Quarry) on a Mt Cameron block. He knew one thing. They didn’t belong to his cattle or anything roaming Cork Station. These prints were about three inches or 75mm long, much like the imprint of a rooster’s foot, only petrified.

AAOD Journal Issue 2 (2004) – pages 18 to 31 
By Donna Meiklejohn

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