The Geology of Australia


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The Geology of Australia provides a vivid and informative account of the evolution of the Australian continent over the last 4,400 million years.

Starting with the Precambrian rocks that hold clues to the origins of life and the development of an oxygenated atmosphere, it goes on to cover the warm seas, volcanism and episodes of mountain building, which formed the eastern third of the Australian continent.

This illuminating history details the breakup of the supercontinents Rodinia and Gondwana, the times of previous glaciations, the development of climates and landscapes in modern Australia, and the creation of the continental shelves and coastlines. Separate chapters cover the origin of the Great Barrier Reef, the basalts in Eastern Australia, and the geology of the Solar System.

This second edition features two new chapters, covering the evolution of life on Earth while emphasising the fossil record in Australia, and providing a geological perspective on climate change. From Uluru to the Great Dividing Range, from earthquakes to dinosaurs, from sapphires to the stars The Geology of Australia is a comprehensive exploration of the timeless forces that have shaped this continent. 

By David Johnson and Robert Henderson. 3rd edition. Paperback/ 384 pages.

Abbreviations and units
1. An Australian perspective
2. The Earth: a geology primer
3. Telling geological time
4. Building the core of Precambrian rocks: the cratons
5. Paleozoic orogenic rock systems and mountain building
6. Warm times: tropical corals and arid lands
7. Icehouse: Carboniferous and Permian glaciation
8. Mesozoic warming: the great inland plains and seas
9. Birth of modern Australia: flowering plants, mammals and deserts
10. Fossils and the Australian record of past life in context
11. Eastern highlands and volcanoes barely extinct
12. Building the continental shelf and coastlines
13. Great Barrier Reef: a unique part of the continental shelf
14. Cycles in a continental journey
Sources and references

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