The dinosaurs of Lightning Ridge


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The dinosaurs of Lightning Ridge

Lightning Ridge, New South Wales. 

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Imagine: You are standing in a forest of towering pine trees and cycads. Spiked leaves, mosses and banks of ferns cluster around you and beyond in the distance, ageless mountains thrust their snow-capped peaks into the clouds. Pterosaurs and strange birds are gliding in the stormy sky. A cold inland sea lies to the west beyond the tree-lined horizon, and on this wide coastal floodplain, water is everywhere. Rivers, streams and billabongs teem with life. The forest resonates with the sounds of insects, frog calls, small things scampering through dense undergrowth and weird animal choruses. This world belongs to the dinosaurs! They move alone – sometimes in stealthy groups – sometimes in herds of hundreds, and some of them you do not wish to meet. This is Lightning Ridge, 100 million years ago.

AAOD Journal Issue 6 (2008) – pages 68 to 77
By Dr Elizabeth T Smith

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