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Style: Social distancing keyring (4.6cm)

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Social distancing keyring

In March 2020 the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared coronavirus COVID-19 a global pandemic. Since this declaration severe restrictions on travel and social gatherings have been introduced and phrases such as “social distancing”, “the new normal” and “flattening the curve” have become part of our everyday lexicon. News feeds and reports have focused on tracking the spread, reporting global death tolls and cataloguing the closure of many well-known and local businesses. Mass unemployment, government funding packages, toilet paper shortages and border closures have meant a period of high stress and anxiety for many of us that we could not have imagined. 

BUT as we adjust to the new normal it is time to do what we do best: stay positive! This quirky key ring is a reminder of what we have all experienced in 2020 - that keeping our distance may not be fun but it is sometimes necessary. 

Winton Dinosaur Capital of Australia keyring

Celebrate Winton's extraordinary dinosaur heritage with this acrylic keyring


Acrylic key tag components made in Australia. Printed and manufactured in Australia.

These unique keyrings feature the same image, front and back.

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