Secrets of a rock from space


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Secrets of a rock from space

Except for a rare group of meteorites that originate from the surface of the Moon and Mars, the majority of meteorites discovered on Earth are pieces of asteroid. These so-called stony meteorites come from the asteroid belt, a region of the solar system between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Thus, stony meteorites such as the 28kg main mass of the Winton Belmont meteorite are the oldest objects found on Earth!

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In January 2007, Dr Alex Cook, Senior Curator of Geosciences at the Queensland Museum, arrived at my office at The University of Queensland with several meteorite specimens that had recently been found in western Queensland. Alex knew that I was interested in meteorites as my research group had recently published a number of papers on meteorite chemistry. However, because of heavy teaching and research commitments, together with a good dose of procrastination, I didn’t think much about them for more than a year.

AAOD Journal Issue 7 (2009) – pages 68 to 77 
By Professor Ken Collerson

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