SAUROS Rulers in the Age of Reptiles: Antarctica, Australia, India and Madagascar


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In 2017, paleoanthropologists found bone fragments in the Moroccan Djebel Irhoud, which turned out to be the oldest evidence of modern man: the evolutionary history of Homo sapiens thus officially covers a proud 315,000 years! Compared to the phylogeny of the genus of the great apes, which spans almost 2 million years, this may not sound like much. However, it seems very modest compared to the history of the dinosaurs: they existed for 186 million years! This is no longer comprehensible by our human standards. But we can get a small idea of the giants of prehistoric times with the help of abstract numbers, the fabulous achievements of researchers - especially paleontologists - and, of course, with a little imagination. 

  • Chapter 1: Introduction 
  • Chapter 2: The Locations 
  • Chapter 3: Triassic 
  • Chapter 4: Jurassic 
  • Chapter 5: Cretaceous 

By Nuesret Kaymak and Alice Kaymak. Paperback/ 200 pages 

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