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Step into a world where ancient wonders and modern architecture collide at our spectacular Reception Centre! 

Completed in 2012 this architectural masterpiece stands as a testament to the captivating allure of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History.

With a spacious area of 394m2, the Reception Centre houses a treasure trove of marvels within its walls. The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Collection Room displays  fossils completely new to science.  Inspired by the vivid terrain and the striking hues of the rust red mesa rocks that embrace it, the Reception Centre boasts sharp angles and captivating design elements. Every detail has been carefully crafted to capture the atmosphere of natural splendour and drama.

Admire the ingenuity behind the building's construction of tilt-slab panels, poured onsite with precision and expertise. The concrete surface bears the imprints of latex casts, capturing the intricate textures of exposed mesa bedrock in wet cement. Splashes of red, brown and black oxides create a stunning tapestry upon the still-wet canvas, while rusted steel adorned with intricate patterns adds an extra touch of earthy elegance.

Be captivated by the harmonious fusion of art and nature within the Reception Centre model. Feel the energy and history that resonates through its walls, connecting you to the ancient landscapes and the magnificence of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs.


Size: 10cm long 

Material: Polyresin

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