Prehistoric Australia: Animals to colour and facts to discover


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Go back in time to explore Australia’s dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals through awesome facts and striking pictures to colour.

Prehistory is the name given to the period before people began writing down historical events. It covers an incredibly long stretch of time, so scientists split it into different periods. The geological time scale is based on the fossil record, which includes extinction events that act as markers between many epochs, stages, periods and eras. 

The 41 extraordinary animals in this book have been compiled and categorised into the Quaternary, Cretaceous, Jurassic, Triassic and Cambrian Periods.

From the terrific Australovenator to the tiny Ausktribosphenos, fearsome Kronosaurus and hopping Procoptodon, complete each creature to bring it to life!

An Australian Age of Dinosaurs publication. Paperback/ 91 pages (29cm x 29cm). Printed in Australia.

ISBN 978 0 646 83341 5 

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