On the shoulders of a giant: The story of Elliot, Australia's largest dinosaur


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On the shoulders of a giant: The story of Elliot, Australia's largest dinosaur

Elliot’s bones were found on the rolling Mitchell grass plains near Winton, central-western Queensland. Overburden heaps created during the 2002 excavations can be seen on the horizon, just left of the trees.

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Looking out over the barren Mitchell grass plains around Winton, it’s hard to imagine that the land has changed much. But almost 100 million years ago, this part of central-western Queensland was a markedly different place. A series of meandering rivers slowly wound their way to the coast of a vast inland sea that stretched all the way to what is now the Gulf of Carpentaria. Between the numerous
sandy channels and mudflats were stands of towering araucaria pines, sequoias and podocarps. In some areas, the open forest gave way to shady groves of ginkgos and Antarctic beach, below which was a lush understorey of tree ferns. In spring the air would have been tinged with the soft
fragrance of lofty magnolias.

AAOD Journal Issue 1 (2003) – pages 12 to 21 
By Dr Steve Salisbury

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