Non-dinosaurian vertebrates: A folding pocket guide


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Explore the fascinating world of non-dinosaurian vertebrates from Mesozoic Australia with our folding pocket guide!

This convenient and portable resource is a must-have for palaeontologists of all ages, providing valuable insights into the diverse prehistoric creatures that once roamed the ancient lands of Australia.

Travel back in time to the Mesozoic Era, which spanned from 251 million to 66 million years ago. Discover that Australia, as we know it today, was part of the supercontinent called Gondwana, along with present-day South America, Africa, Madagascar, India, and Antarctica. The Australian portion of Gondwana was situated near the southern polar circle, setting the stage for a unique and diverse ecosystem.

Over a period of 180 million years bony fish, sharks, ichthyosaurs, plesiosaurs, early crocodiles, lungfish, turtles and crocodile-like temnospondyl amphibians inhabited the rivers, billabongs, lakes and seas of prehistoric Australia. On land, small mammals, archosauromorphs, lepidosaurs and parareptiles lived alongside dinosaurs, as pterosaurs flew overhead. 

Researched by renowned paleontologist Dr Stephen Poropat and beautifully illustrated by palaeo-artist Sante Mazzei, this insightful guide introduces you to scientifically described non-dinosaurian vertebrates found in Australia. Each entry includes the animal's phonetic pronunciation, a detailed description and other exciting facts that will ignite your imagination.

Crafted to withstand field use, this durable, lightweight, pocket-sized folding guide is the perfect companion for all citizen scientists. Take it with you on your adventures, whether you're exploring fossil sites, hiking through ancient landscapes or simply curious about the incredible creatures that once roamed our land. Made in Australia, this guide is a testament to our rich paleontological heritage.

Unearth the secrets of Australia's non-dinosaurian vertebrates and expand your knowledge of the Mesozoic Era with our folding pocket guide. Discover Teinolophos, Opallionectes, Otwayemys, Confractosuchus, Waldmanichthys, and many more intriguing creatures that once graced our prehistoric world. Get your hands on this invaluable resource today and embark on a journey through Australia's prehistoric past!

  • Language English
  • Pamphlet Eight pages
  • Reading age Ten years and older
  • Dimensions 396 x 210mm

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