"Minmi": Armoured car of the Cretaceous


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Minmi: Armoured car of the Cretaceous 

A honeycomb of button–sized ossicles - fossilised remnants of the chain mail suit worn by Minmi paravertebra over 120 million years ago. Shown at three times actual size, this network of small bony plates located in the animals skin, played an important role in deterring the razor-sharp teeth and claws of its carnivorous contemporaries.

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Most palaeontologists would agree; field work is the fun part of the job. Despite the long days and hard work, the basic food and primitive living conditions, there is always the prospect of finding something … the chance of an exciting new discovery! But no matter how successful the expedition may have been, winding up a field trip is almost always an anti-climax. The anticipation of being reunited with family and friends, and the luxury of a hot shower, is overshadowed by the tedium of packing up the field gear, cleaning up the site and stowing those precious new finds in readiness for a safe journey. And then, as is so often the case in Australian palaeontology, there is the long, long drive home.

AAOD Journal Issue 8 (2010) – pages 24 to 41 
By Natalie Schroeder 

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