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Introducing the copper Mars necklace!

Crafted to perfection this coin of Mars is a testament to meticulous attention to detail. Utilising precise topographical data from NASA, it faithfully embodies the Martian landscape at an exacting scale of 1:214,195,583.59.

Forged from 19.2g of solid copper, this coin exudes both substance and elegance. An expertly applied patina enhances the intricate engravings, creating a stunning visual contrast. With a diameter of 3.17 cm, it fits comfortably in your hand, inviting exploration of its every contour.

Each necklace includes a 30 inch leather cord, comprehensive description, along with fascinating Mars facts that illuminate the captivating red planet.

Mars, a celestial entity known to humanity for centuries due to its prominent presence in the night sky, continues to be a source of intrigue and wonder. As we endeavour to uncover the mysteries of our solar system, Mars takes centre stage in our quest for knowledge.

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