Marathon Run: The story behind the discovery of the Richmond pliosaur


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Marathon Run: The story behind the discovery of the Richmond pliosaur

Having just completed a round of mustering on their Richmond property in northwest Queensland, the Ievers brothers had no inkling or the chain of events about to unfold before them.

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It was May 1989 and just another day on Marathon Station, just another day’s work for Rob and Ian Ievers as they tailed a mob of young cattle out from the station homestead. Less than a kilometre from the homestead Ian saw what he thought was a piece of fossilised wood protruding from the creek bank about one metre below the surface. "I kicked at the piece, which broke clear, picked it up and gave it a clean," Ian said. "What I thought was just another piece of fossilised wood turned out to be the snout, complete with teeth, of an animal that was obviously prehistoric. Locals had been picking up small animal fossils for years, but you could tell this was something different- the fossil of a really big creature. I called to Rob and we could not contain our excitement as we uncovered more of the find."

AAOD Journal Issue 1 (2003) – pages 31 to 34 
By John Hughes

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