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Ever feel like someone is not being completely honest with you? Get to the truth of the matter with the help of science! This kit has all you need to build your very own lie detector, including a sturdy case, circuit board, meter, aluminium plates and detailed booklet with instructions for different experiments. There is no soldering required, so you will be ready to test your first suspect in a matter of minutes! Because the lie detector detects electrical current, it also doubles as a conductivity meter. One 9V battery is required.

The Magnoidz Lie Detector kit includes

  • 1 x body and one base (pre-cut card)
  • 1 x metre, one circuit board
  • 2 x aluminium plates
  • 1 x 9V battery required, not included.

A lie detector, or polygraph works on the principle that people who are lying tend to sweat more. Sweat is basically salty water, which (unlike pure water) conducts electricity. The subject of a lie detector test places their fingers where they will form part of an electrical circuit. If there is sweat on their fingers, electrical current will flow and cause the needle to be deflected.

WARNING: Small parts present a choking hazard. Keep away from children under three years of age.

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