Kronosaurus Chronicles


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Kronosaurus Chronicles 

Kronosaurus; only a few Australians have ever heard of this impressive beast – one of Australia’s fossil treasures. Some can reel off facts concerning Kronosaurus’ palaeobiology and can relate the story of the ‘heinous theft’ of the best specimen ever discovered, by the United States of America. But how much of these stories is true? Controversy is rife throughout the scientific community and beyond regarding this magnificent animal and it is now time to delve through the facts and misconceptions and put to bed a few myths.

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Let’s start with the name, Kronoaurus. Those in the know will tell you that the name derives from Kronos, the Greek God of Time who ate his own children. But this woeful tale of infanticide is only partially true. My investigations suggest that there is no God of Time in Greek mythology. Chronos or Chronus represents the embodiment of time, and forms the basis of time-related words such as ‘chronology’. But there was no god called Chronos or Chronus. Apparently there was, however, a Titan (one of 12) called Kronos, or alternatively Cronos, or possibly Cronus. These Titans supposedly existed before the Greek gods and were the children of Uranus and Gaia. (It is not clear what the latter two were.)

AAOD Journal Issue 3 (2005) – pages 14 to 25 
By Dr Troy Myers

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