Flights of Fancy: On trail of the elusive pterosaurs


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Flights of Fancy: On trail of the elusive pterosaurs 

Australian pterosaurs.  

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I remember as a young boy playing with my model dinosaurs in my bedroom. My bed was an island of low undulating hills, teeming with plastic dinosaurs of all kinds: Iguanodon fighting with Megalosaurus; Triceratops stabbing at an overweight Tyrannosaurus rex and Stegosaurus lashing its spiky tail at a marauding Allosaurus! All of my dinosaurs, both big and little, had their place and they all had an arch nemesis. Even in my invisible inland sea which was formed in the space between my brother’s bed and mine, the giant marine predators had their equals: A monstrous Kronosaurus chasing a long-necked elasmosaur, or a plesiosaur antagonising an ichthyosaur.

AAOD Journal Issue 5 (2007) – pages 27 to 35
By Dr Scott Hocknull and Dr Alex Cook

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