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An ancient long-necked marine reptile

This elasmosaur model provides a unique window into the past. Elasmosaurs were an ancient long-necked marine reptile that lived alongside dinosaurs in the ancient oceans.

Eromangasaurus australis, a large elasmosaurid, measuring  around 7 metres in length and weighing over a tonne was was found at Maxwelton, Queensland. It was named in 2005 by Dr Benjamin Kear after the Eromanga Basin in which the holotype was found and saurus for lizard.

This model beautifully depicts this majestic marine reptile, painted in grey with a distinctive white stripe pattern on its long neck and body, and pinkish flippers for graceful oceanic movement.

Measuring approximately 24 x 8 x 2.5cm (LWH) and suitable for ages 3+, it's crafted from safe PVC and non-toxic acrylic paints.

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