Dragon's paradise... lost


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Dragon's paradise... lost

Owen named the giant reptile Megalania prisca, comparing the huge fossil vertebrae with much smaller vertebrae from the Australian monitor, Hydrosaurus giganteus - later reclassified as Varanus giganteus.

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Let us go back in time some 50 thousand years to a drying billabong in the Australian outback. In the early morning light this billabong looks like any other we might find in central Australia today, with gnarled coolabah trees lining its muddy banks and the air resonating with the sound of squawking galahs, the death calls of a crow, or perhaps even the maniacal laugh of a kookaburra. Peaceful, dusty and familiar!

AAOD Journal Issue 8 (2010) – pages 68 to 81 
By Dr Scott Hocknull

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