Dinosaur Dreaming


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Dinosaur Dreaming

A pair of unsuspecting Leaellynasaura amicagraphica dart across a narrow stream, oblivious to Koolasuchus cleelandi lurking in the shallows in silent anticipation of an easy meal. Fossils discovered in the Early Cretaceous deposits of Victoria’s southern coastline show these animals were part of a diverse fauna that lived in the area 120 million years ago.

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For almost twenty years the name Dinosaur Dreaming has been synonymous with dinosaur digging in Victoria. This rather unusual name was introduced in 1995 by Nicole Evered, one of the founding members of our dig volunteer group, while excavating the Flat Rocks site near Inverloch, Victoria. Flat Rocks was the first dinosaur locality to be worked in the Strzelecki Group, (south-east of Melbourne) after excavations ceased at Dinosaur Cove in the Otway Group (southwest of Melbourne). We thought it only right that our new dig operation had its own identity so when Nicole stated, “If you spend enough time working at Flat Rocks, you start dreaming about dinosaurs,” the name stuck. Dinosaur Dreaming was born!

AAOD Journal Issue 12 (2014) – pages 22 to 37 
By Lesley Kool

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