Dino Dump: A card game about dinosaurs and poo


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This is a fun and cheeky game for the entire family!

The aim of the game is to lose all your Dino cards as fast as possible. Get caught with any in your hand by the end of the game and you’ll have to wear a smelly sticker that smells a lot like a T-rex poo… 

How to play

Start by dealing three cards to each player and laying them face-down in a row. Then deal three more cards to each player and place them on top of the face-down cards. Finally, hand each player a hand of three more cards.

The first player puts down any card they like. The next player must now play a number that’s either the same number or higher. If a player can’t go any higher, they have to pick up the whole discard deck.

As well as the number cards, there’s a bunch of Dino power cards you can use, such as ‘Back To One’, ‘Can’t See Me’, ‘4 Or Under’, ‘Switch Direction’ and ‘Burn Deck’.

Once the cards in the draw pile and a player’s hand have been used, they can start playing the three face-up cards in front of them.

When those cards have been used up, the player must play the three face-down cards without looking at them.

The first player to get rid of all their cards (including the cards in front of them), wins!

Recommended for players six years of age and older. 

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