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Discover the Diamantinasaurus plush, a meticulously crafted 30-35cm toy that pays tribute to Australia's prehistoric past.

This beautifully made plush captures the essence of the sauropod dinosaur found in the Matilda site in Elderslie Station, Queensland, by property owner Sandra Muir in 2005. Diamantinasaurus, a unique discovery named and described by Dr. Scott Hocknull in 2009 and further revised by Dr Stephen Poropat in 2015, stands out for its exceptional completeness. Approximately 30% of the skeleton, nicknamed Matilda, has been recovered, making it one of the most complete Cretaceous sauropods ever found in Australia.

What sets Diamantinasaurus apart is its remarkable co-existence with a theropod dinosaur, known as Australovenator, in the same site. 

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