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Diamantinasaurus matildae or Oliver is a 95-million year old juvenile titanosaur that weighed 4.2 tonnes at the time of its death.

Research on Oliver reveals fascinating insights into its growth and development. Just like humans, this adorable dinosaur grew allometrically, with different parts of its body growing at varying rates. For instance, its limb bones grew rapidly, much like a puppy growing into its large paws. As Diamantinasaurus matured, its limb bones became more robust, allowing it to support its immense weight.

Developed by the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History this Oliver plush brings this incredible specimen to life, allowing you to learn and play while exploring the wonders of prehistoric evolution. We take pride in contributing to your knowledge of these awe-inspiring creatures, making our plush Diamantinasaurus a perfect companion for your palaeontologic adventures.

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