Deep-Time Astronomy wheel chart


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Celebrate the wonders of the universe with the award-winning Deep-Time Astronomy wheel chart!

Discover a captivating journey through time and space as this invaluable resource connects the celestial objects in the night sky to the extraordinary events on Earth. Delve into the depths of our collective understanding and embark on a thrilling search for our place within the cosmos.

This remarkable wheel chart is packed with incredible facts about 30 mesmerising night-sky objects. Learn where they are located, when they formed and get insider tips on the best time to view them in the Southern Hemisphere. With this chart in hand, you'll be equipped to explore the stars like never before.

Flip it over, and a whole new world of constellations awaits! The reverse side of the Deep-Time Astronomy wheel chart reveals the constellation patterns where these awe-inspiring night-sky objects can be found. Engaging explanatory text adds a deeper layer of knowledge, making it a comprehensive guide for both aspiring astronomers and seasoned stargazers.

Recognised for its outstanding multimedia and publication design, this chart has been highly commended in the Australian Museums and Galleries Association 2023 Museums Australasia Multimedia and Publications Design Awards. It's a testament to its exceptional quality and educational value, making it a must-have for astronomy enthusiasts of all ages.

Unleash your curiosity and embark on an astronomical adventure with the Deep-Time Astronomy wheel chart. Explore the mysteries of the universe, connect the dots between Earth and the stars, and expand your understanding of the cosmos. 


  • 20cm in diameter
  • Printed on thick board paper with a protective mylar coating  

Night-sky objects 

  1. Achernar (Eridanus) 
  2. Aldebaran (Taurus) 
  3. Andromeda Galaxy (Andromeda) 
  4. Arcturus (Boötes) 
  5. Beehive cluster (Cancer)
  6. Bellatrix (Orion)
  7. Beta carinae (Carina) 
  8. Betelgeuse (Orion) 
  9. Butterfly cluster (Scorpius)
  10. Canopus (Carina)
  11. Castor (Gemini)
  12. Eta carinae nebula (Carina)  
  13. Fomalhaut (Piscis Austrinus) 
  14. Hyades cluster (Taurus) 
  15. Jewel box cluster (Crux)
  16. Lagoon nebula (Sagittarius) 
  17. Large Magellanic Cloud (Dorado/Mensa) 
  18.  Omega centauri (Centaurus) 
  19. Orion nebula (Orion)
  20. Pleiades (Taurus)
  21. Pollux ( Gemini)
  22. Procyon (Canis Major)
  23. Ptolemy cluster (Scorpius)
  24. Regulus (Leo)
  25. Rigel (Orion)
  26. Sirius (Canis Major)
  27. Trifid nebula (Sagittarius) 
  28. Vega (Lyra)
  29. Wishing well cluster (Carina)
  30. 47 Tucanae (Tucanae)

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