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CSI Lark Quarry

The reconstructed foot of Australovenator fits neatly into the footprints of the Lark Quarry carnosaur. 

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content:

Our fascination with tracks and traces makes perfect evolutionary sense. While most animals have a heightened sense of smell, hearing or sight which they can use to determine friend, foe or food, humans have evolved to take a slightly different approach. We needed to determine whether the track maker was friend, foe or food before we met it. Knowing whether to eat it, mate with it or fight it was key to our survival, so being able to identify the track maker could literally save our life! In response to this need, our minds have become attuned over thousands of generations to seek out evidence left behind by other animals. By using our developed brains and stereoscopic vision to interpret tracks and traces in 3D, we are able to apply our advanced learning and memory capabilities to recognise partial track features and variations, plus consider the passing of time. This makes us excellent trackers.

AAOD Journal Issue 10 (2012) – pages 24 to 39 
By Dr Scott Hocknull

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