"Austrosequoia wintonensis" leaf earrings (brass)


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Introducing our exquisite Austrosequoia wintonensis earrings, a remarkable piece of jewellery inspired by the ancient plant fossils discovered near Winton, Queensland.

These earrings are a unique addition to our prehistoric flora range, exclusively available at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum.

Austrosequoia wintonensis, described in 1978, holds a special place in palaeobotanical history. The plant fossils were unearthed on a sheep station near Winton, unveiling a fascinating connection to the distant past. The seed cones of A. wintonensis, collected from the Winton Formation, bear a striking resemblance in structure to the majestic redwood trees we see today. This remarkable discovery marks the first encounter with such a closely related prehistoric relative in the Southern Hemisphere.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Austrosequoia wintonensis earrings combine solid brass and a giclee print to capture the essence of this ancient plant. The hypo-allergenic ear wires ensure a comfortable and safe wearing experience for all.

Each earring hangs approximately 3.5cm, allowing for a graceful and eye-catching display. The earrings are elegantly presented in a gift box, accompanied by a provenance card that highlights the significance of Austrosequoia wintonensis and its exclusive connection to the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum.

Discover the beauty of a bygone era and let these exquisite earrings become a cherished part of your jewellery collection.

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