"Australovenator" (Banjo)


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Get ready to journey back with Australovenator wintonensis, a scientifically accurate 1:24 scale model.

Our meticulously crafted model faithfully reproduces the intricate features and proportions of Australovenator wintonensis. Each detail is based on the remarkable fossils discovered and displayed at the  Museum, ensuring scientific accuracy and an authentic representation of this prehistoric predator.

Australovenator is Australia's most complete carnivorous dinosaur and stands apart from other predators with its formidable arms and massive hands. Two of its three hand claws bear 30cm talons, perfectly adapted for capturing and subduing prey. Imagine the awe-inspiring sight of Banjo, reaching approximately two meters in height and stretching an impressive five meters in length.

This model is a must-have for palaeontology enthusiasts, dinosaur lovers and collectors alike.

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