Australia in Space: A History of a Nation's Involvement


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The exploration of space was widely regarded as the greatest adventure of the 20th century.

In contrast, the 21st century has witnessed the integration of space-based services into our daily routines. Despite its often overlooked role, Australia has significantly contributed to propelling humanity towards the stars. The nation stands out as one of the pioneers in launching its own satellite, leaving an indelible mark on the trajectory of space exploration.

In the present day Australia stands tall as a prominent consumer of space-based services, reflecting the seamless integration of these services into our lives. This updated edition of the narrative takes readers through Australia's remarkable journey in space endeavours, starting from its earliest rocketeers to its cutting-edge satellite initiatives. The book delves into the aspirations, ambitious goals and triumphs of seasoned space scientists and engineers, spanning both the civil and defense domains. Additionally, it sheds light on the passionate endeavours of enthusiasts and the emerging generation of youthful space entrepreneurs who aspire to shape Australia's cosmic prospects.

Throughout its pages, Australia in Space explores the struggles associated with upholding Australia's commitment to space activities, especially in the face of shifting political and economic landscapes. From its earliest forays into the cosmos to its present-day status as a significant player in the space arena, this edition serves as a testament to Australia's unwavering dedication to advancing human presence beyond our planet's boundaries.

By Kerrie Dougherty. Hardcover/ 208 pages. 

ISBN 9781925309652

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