A raft across the pacific


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A raft across the pacific

Volcanos in Australia. 

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Strolling along Australia’s fabulous coastlines and beaches, it is hard not to notice the variety of objects washed up onto the shore; from the ubiquitous plastic bottles, rubber thongs and other discarded rubbish to natural materials such as driftwood, seeds and seaweed. Occasionally (as seen following the heavy storms that lashed southern Queensland and northern New South Wales in late 2007) huge amounts of debris, trees, livestock and even concrete pylons are flushed out of rivers to be washed up onto the beaches by strong winds and big seas, creating not only major obstacles to beach walkers and surfers, but also huge clean-up costs for local councils.
With this variety of flotsam on our beaches, it often prompts the questions: Where did it come from - and how long has it been floating in the ocean?

AAOD Journal Issue 6 (2008) – pages 78 to 86
By Dr Scott Bryan

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