AAOD Journal, Issue 20 (2023)


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Celebrate twenty years of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Journal!

This 92-page paperback offers groundbreaking research, discoveries and expert articles about Australia's extraordinary prehistoric history. Whether you're a paleontologist, aspiring scientist or just curious, it's a must-have for your collection. Discover the secrets of the prehistoric world. 


 Australia's smallest sauropod by Samantha Rigby
 Cooyoo australis by Naomi Miles
• Ornithopods in Australia Dr Matt Herne


• Fossil fruits and seeds by Dr Anita A K Milroy 
• Unravelling Alcoota by Dr Adam Yates 
• A heart of stone by Dr Kate Trinajstic
• Journey to the dawn of animal life Andrew Holman
 Bringing to life the find of a lifetime by Dr Stephen Poropat

Palaeo profile
• Johann Ludwig Gerard Krefft by Robyn Molan

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