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Introducing our stunning Diamantinasaurus pin!

This exquisite accessory pays homage to the magnificent Diamantinasaurus matildae,  nicknamed Matilda, In 2009, the palaeontologists at Queensland Museum unveiled the holotype specimen of Diamantinasaurus matildae, a monumental find that captivated the scientific community. This remarkable specimen was found intermingled with the remains of Australia's most complete carnivorous dinosaur, Australovenator, adding an intriguing twist to its story.

Our Diamantinasaurus pin is a tribute to this sauropod and the incredible fossil finds associated with it.  The pin measures 5.08cm, allowing for an eye-catching display on your favourite clothing or accessories. It is equipped with two butterfly clasps for secure and hassle-free attachment, ensuring it stays in place wherever you choose to adorn it.

Every time you wear this Diamantinasaurus pin, you carry a piece of Australia's paleontological history with you. The fossils from other Diamantinasaurus specimens, including skull bones, teeth, skin, probable gut contents, limb bones and vertebrae, have contributed to reconstructing a virtually complete Diamantinasaurus skeleton. As the most complete sauropod discovered in Australia, this remarkable creature continues to captivate the imagination of dinosaur enthusiasts worldwide.

Add a touch of prehistoric splendour to your attire with our Diamantinasaurus pin. 

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