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Introducing our delightful collection of prehistoric animal greeting cards.

  • Send a Diamantinasaurus greeting card featuring Matilda and Oliver as they embark on an exciting video challenge, bringing prehistoric adventures to the digital age. 
  • The Confractosuchus greeting card, where Chookie makes a unique non-contact chicken delivery on a scooter, blending the old and new in a whimsical and unexpected way. It's sure to bring joy and surprise to anyone's mailbox!
  • Discover the Kunbarrasaurus greeting card, showcasing Buster enjoying a fresh kale smoothie in the modern world. This card combines the ancient elegance of the dinosaur with a touch of healthy living, making it a delightful choice for nature and wellness enthusiasts.
  • The Ferrodraco greeting card, featuring Butch settling in for a cozy TV marathon. This card captures the perfect blend of relaxation and nostalgia, bringing a smile to anyone who enjoys a good binge-watching session.
  • The Australovenator greeting card showcases Banjo as he purchases a set of grillz at 2 am, capturing the spirit of modern trends and prehistoric charm. 
  • The Muttaburrasaurus greeting card features Molly taking a fabulous selfie, bridging the gap between ancient times and the age of social media. It's a fun and relatable card that celebrates self-expression and individuality.
  • The fossils of Australovenator and Diamantinasaurus were found entwined, together forever.
  • Many sauropods have been found in the Winton Formation, showcasing the diversity of these titanic creatures.

Each card features a delightful image of Australia's prehistoric animals, making it perfect for any occasion. Guaranteed to bring smiles and laughter to everyone who receives them.

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