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Embark on an avian adventure through the Winton region with our folding pocket guide to birds!

This portable and practical guide is a must-have for ornithologists of all ages, providing a wealth of information right at your fingertips.

With over 220 different bird species calling Winton Shire home, this region is a haven for bird enthusiasts. From the elegant brolga to the majestic spotted harrier, the vibrant Australian ringneck to the melodious rufous whistler, the charismatic mistletoebird to the captivating splendid fairy-wren, the avian diversity in Winton is simply awe-inspiring.

Our beautifully illustrated guide showcases 102 common bird species that visitors to the region can expect to encounter. Organised into easily accessible sections, including nocturnal birds, ground-dwelling birds, parrots, birds of prey, aerial birds, waterbirds and near shore birds, small perching birds and large perching birds, this guide ensures you have a comprehensive overview of the avifauna of Winton.

Every page is adorned with captivating illustrations, capturing the unique characteristics and beauty of each bird species. Whether you're a seasoned ornithologist or a curious birdwatching enthusiast, these stunning visuals will immerse you in the world of Winton's feathered inhabitants.

Crafted for convenience, this durable, lightweight, pocket-sized folding guide is designed to accompany you on your birdwatching excursions. Its compact size allows for easy portability, making it the perfect companion for field use. 

Proudly made in Australia, this folding pocket guide celebrates the rich birdlife of the Winton region. It serves as an essential resource for ornithologists, allowing them to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the diverse avian species that grace this remarkable landscape.

Begin your avian exploration today and revel in the beauty and diversity of Winton's avifauna!

  • Language English
  • Pamphlet Eight pages
  • Reading age Ten years and older
  • Dimensions 396 x 210mm

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