Dinosaur Stampede

Title: Dinosaur Stampede

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A terrifying encounter frozen in time. Ninety-five million years ago, in what is now Central West Queensland, hundreds of small dinosaurs congregated by the edge of a lake. All of a sudden, they were interrupted by a large, meat-eating theropod dinosaur, With the lake blocking their escape, the panicking small dinosaurs ran madly away from the lake, past the theropod, and up a drainage channel to safety. 

We know that this amazing chain of events happened 95 million years ago thanks to an amazing fossil site 110km south of the town of Winton. No dinosaur bones are preserved there, but fossil footprints are: more than 3,000 in all. These fossil footprints capture an amazing prehistoric moment in stone: a dinosaur stampede. 

Now fittingly known as Dinosaur Stampede National Monument at Lark Quarry Conservation Park, this remarkable fossil site is of international significance. It is the only dinosaur stampede ever found anywhere in the world. Come and explore the discovery, excavation, interpretation, and conservation of this wondrous fossil site, and step back in time. 

An in-depth voyage into the history of the Lark Quarry trackways from discovery and excavation to the interpretation of the site and its dinosaurs.

By Dr Stephen Poropat. Paperback/ 60 pages.


  • Part 1: Introduction. The Discovery. The Excavation.
  • Part 2: A Dinosaur Stampede: Thulborn and Wade. The Environmental Setting. The Dinosaur Footprints. The Sequence of Events. Sizes and Speeds. Thulborn and Wade's Interpretation. Swimming Dinosaurs at Lark Quarry. Romilio and Salisbury. 
  • Part 3: Conservation of the Lark Quarry Footprints. 
  • Afterthoughts. 
  • About the Author.
  • Acknowledgements. 
  • References. 

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