"Koolasuchus cleeandi"


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This Koolasuchus cleelandi model stands upright with its mouth agape, showcasing sharp teeth. It features a predominantly green body with brown tail coloring and intricate scale details. Named Victoria's State Fossil Emblem in 2022, Koolasuchus co-existed with dinosaurs during the Cretaceous Period. This large amphibian, resembling a hybrid of a newt and crocodile, thrived in the ancient rivers that separated Australia and Antarctica. Its fossils are exceptionally rare, discovered only in a few locations in south Gippsland.

Koolasuchus is the last of the temnospondyl lineage, surviving in Victoria for up to 50 million years after their global extinction.

The model measures about 21.4cm x 4cm, suitable for ages 3+ and is crafted from safe PVC and painted with non-toxic acrylics.

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