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An activity book inspired by Darwin's revolutionary theory of evolution, by the creator of the bestselling picture-book retelling of On The Origin of Species

Learn about variation, competition and the struggle for existence with the help of this beautifully illustrated and accessible activity book for children.

Packed full with detailed colouring pages and mind-grabbing activities, this is a book to inspire creativity as well as an understanding of one of the most fundamental scientific theories of all time.

By Sabina Radeva and Charles Darwin. Paperback/ 56 pages

For all ages


  • The theory of evolution (colouring scene)
  • Species and variations (categorisation activity and drawing scene)
  • Dog breeds (colouring scene)
  • Pigeon breeds (identification activity and spot the difference activity)
  • Galapagos finches (colouring scene)
  • Helpful variations (matching activity and identification activity)
  • Adaptations (colouring scene)
  • Human influence (search and find activity)
  • Wild cats (colouring scene)
  • Natural selection (colouring activity) 
  • Imaginary animals (drawing activity)
  • Evolution by natural selection (matching activity)
  • Scientific names (matching activities)
  • Genus Equus (colouring scene)
  • Name your dinosaur (drawing activity)
  • Fossils (matching activity)
  • Family tree (matching activity)
  • Tree of life (colouring scene) 
  • Five fingered limbs (colouring activity) 
  • Instinct (colouring scene)
  • Migration (maze activity and colouring scene)
  • Evolutionary words (crossword activity)
  • Microbes (colouring activity) 
  • Observations using the nature journal
  • Answers


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