Geology of Outback Queensland

Title: Geology of Outback Queensland

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A geological story spanning hundreds of millions of years. Today Outback Queensland is characterised by seemingly endless flat country that is dotted with jump-ups. Queensland was not always like this: beneath the rolling downs and gibber plains are rocks that formed millions of years ago at the bottom of an inland sea, and on the floodplains that existed both before and after.

The geology of Outback Queensland is complex and diverse. It provides us with many tantalising glimpses of primeval environments, and demonstrates the processes that are still shaping the modern Queensland landscape. 

Geology of Outback Queensland showcases the remarkable geological and natural heritage of this region and the extensive fossil collections of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum. 

An Australian Age of Dinosaurs publication. By Dr Alex Cook. Paperback/ 66 pages.


  • Introduction
  • Nodules
  • Opal formation 
  • Understanding sedimentary formations
  • Geology of the rocks
  • Building blocks of the Eromanga Basin
  • History of dinosaur country: I. Stage one: the basin (Late Triassic to Early Jurassic). II. Stage two: rivers and lakes (Early Jurassic to End Jurassic). III. Stage three: the seas invade (Early Cretaceous). IV. Stage four: the vast river plains (Late Cretaceous). 
  • Determining the age of the Winton Formation
  • Folds, faults, outcrop patterns and gentle warping 
  • Fossils of the Winton Formation
  • Where did all the sediment come from? 
  • What are there dinosaurs in this region?
  • Another basin - or three - is born
  • About the author
  • Acknowledgements 
  • Glossary 

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