Fossils for Kids: A Junior Scientist's Guide to Dinosaur Bones, Ancient Animals, and Prehistoric Life on Earth ( Junior Scientists )


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Uncover the ancient past―a guide to fantastic fossils for kids ages 6 to 8.

Set off on an amazing adventure into the prehistoric past when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Fossils for Kids is filled with fascinating photographs and captivating facts that will teach junior fossil hunters how fossils form, where they are found, and tips on how to identify them.

Start by learning more about some of your favorite dinosaurs―from Velociraptor to Tyrannosaurus rex―and where you can see the coolest dinosaur skeletons. Then discover the creatures that predate even the dinosaurs! You'll meet famous birds, like the Archaeopteryx, explore tiny invertebrate trilobites, and learn which ancient plant is the source of a delicious drink―root beer!

Fossils for Kids includes:

  • Beyond dinos―You won't just be learning about dinosaurs; this book covers mammals, other reptiles, and plant fossils.
  • Greater knowledge―Use the fun sidebars to dive deeper into the fossil world and get more hands-on learning.
  • Clear images―The colorful pictures allow you to easily identify fossils.

It's time to unearth your scientific curiosity―there's no telling what you'll find using Fossils for Kids as your guide.

By Ashley Hall. Paperback/ 94 pages.

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