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Embark on a celestial journey through the Southern Hemisphere with our folding pocket guide to constellations!

This convenient and portable guide is a must-have for astronomers of all ages, providing practical information at your fingertips.

As the Earth revolves around the Sun, taking one year to complete a full revolution, the Sun is also orbiting around our Milky Way Galaxy. One complete orbit takes around 250 million years to complete. When dinosaurs were roaming western Queensland the stars above Earth were on the opposite side of the galaxy from where they are now. We don’t know exactly what the sky looked like during the Cretaceous Period but, just like today, we would be able to see interesting patterns emerge.

Illustrated with exquisite detail, this guide features 36 well-known constellations and celestial arrangements that grace the Southern Hemisphere. From the iconic Southern Cross to the majestic Orion, explore the wonders of the night sky and discover the secrets hidden among the stars. With the included star charts, you can navigate and identify these captivating constellations with ease.

Crafted for practicality, this durable, lightweight, pocket-sized folding guide is designed to accompany you on your astronomical pursuits. Whether you're stargazing from your backyard, embarking on a stargazing adventure or simply nurturing your passion for the cosmos, this guide is the perfect companion. 

Start your astronomical adventure today and witness the breathtaking beauty of the night sky!

  • Language English
  • Pamphlet Eight pages
  • Reading age Ten years and older
  • Dimensions 396 x 210mm

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