AAOD Journal, Issue 19 (2022)


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Australian Age of Dinosaurs Journal, Issue 19 (2022). Paperback/ 92 pages. 


Archaehierax sylvestris by Ellen Mather 
• Palaeopathology by Phoebe McInerney 
An ancient gharial by Jorgo Ristevski 
Congruus kitcheneri by Lisa Nink, Gavin Prideaux and Natalie Warburton
• A Victorian fossil mystery by Dr James Rule


• The origins and dispersal of southern seals by Dr James Rule
• Trilobites down under by Dr Patrick Smith, Dr James Holmes and Dr Russell Bicknell
• Sea scorpions by Russell Bicknell and Patrick Smith
• Prehistoric skinks by Dr Kailah Thorn
Confractosuchus sauroktonos by Grace Elliott and David Elliott

Behind the science

• A three-dimensional approach by Dr Matt White

Palaeo profile
• Emeritus Professor Suzanne Hand by Robyn Molan

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