AAOD Journal, Issue 19 (2022)


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Embark on an extraordinary paleontological adventure with the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Journal, Issue 19 (2022)!

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of prehistoric creatures as you delve into this meticulously crafted paperback journal. With 92 pages of thrilling content, it's a treasure trove of knowledge for dinosaur enthusiasts and curious minds alike.

Inside its vibrant pages, you'll uncover groundbreaking research, fascinating discoveries, and in-depth articles written by leading experts in the field. From the latest dinosaur species unearthed to scientific breakthroughs that reshape our understanding of the ancient world, this journal is a gateway to the wonders of paleontology.

Feast your eyes on stunning illustrations and awe-inspiring photographs that bring these long-extinct creatures to life. Marvel at their majestic forms, learn about their habitats, and witness the dramatic landscapes they once roamed.

Whether you're a seasoned palaeontologist, an aspiring scientist, or simply captivated by the mysteries of the past, the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Journal is a must-have addition to your collection. Its engaging content and beautiful design make it a perfect companion for exploration, learning, and igniting your imagination.

Discover the secrets of the prehistoric world, uncover untold stories, and join the ever-evolving journey of paleontology. Get your hands on the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Journal, Issue 19 (2022) today.


Archaehierax sylvestris by Ellen Mather 
• Palaeopathology by Phoebe McInerney 
An ancient gharial by Jorgo Ristevski 
Congruus kitcheneri by Lisa Nink, Gavin Prideaux and Natalie Warburton
• A Victorian fossil mystery by Dr James Rule


• The origins and dispersal of southern seals by Dr James Rule
• Trilobites down under by Dr Patrick Smith, Dr James Holmes and Dr Russell Bicknell
• Sea scorpions by Russell Bicknell and Patrick Smith
• Prehistoric skinks by Dr Kailah Thorn
Confractosuchus sauroktonos by Grace Elliott and David Elliott

Behind the science

• A three-dimensional approach by Dr Matt White

Palaeo profile
• Emeritus Professor Suzanne Hand by Robyn Molan

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