Australian Age of Dinosaurs Top Trumps game


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The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Top Trumps game has been approved by Museum research palaeontologists and includes images and information on a range of prehistoric Australian animals. 

This collectible game will inspire generations of children to learn as they play. Compare rankings in weight, age and danger levels to collect the most cards.

Discover the most dangerous animal in prehistoric Australia. The more you play, the more you learn!


  • A Museum-approved set of 30 cards. 
  • Includes a sealable case. 
  • Designed for ages six years and over. 
  • The cards and plastic case are 100% recyclable.
  • Research and text by Dr Stephen Poropat.
  • Illustrations by Sante Mazzei.

This game includes the following prehistoric Australian animals

  • Atlascopcosaurus 
  • Australopachycormus
  • Australovenator
  • Austrosaurus 
  • Bouliachelys
  • Cardabiodon 
  • Diamantinasaurus 
  • Diluvicursor
  • Eomurruna
  • Eromangasaurus 
  • Ferrodraco
  • Fostoria
  • Galleonosaurus 
  • Isisfordia 
  • Koolasuchus
  • Kronosaurus
  • Kunbarrasaurus 
  • Leaellynasaura 
  • Minmi
  • Muttaburrasaurus 
  • Paracyclotosaurus 
  • Platypterygius
  • Rhoetosaurus 
  • Savannasaurus 
  • Steropodon 
  • Tasmaniosaurus 
  • Timimus
  • Umoonasaurus 
  • Weewarrasaurus 
  • Wintonotitan 

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